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Dan Delgado

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A high school English teacher with over 20 years of experience, Dan Delgado is well acquainted with both literature and performing for an audience. Having taught several curricula over more than two decades, Dan has been exposed as reader, instructor, and narrator of essentially every genre of fiction and nonfiction literature. He is now using his storytelling skills, honed over years, to reach a broader audience.


A child of the 70’s and 80’s, Dan grew up being read to as a child by his mother and occasionally hearing books on tape in elementary school.  In high school he was introduced to audiobook reading of The Hobbit, narrated by Nicol Williamson, and The Dragonlance Chronicles, narrated by actor Peter MacNicol.  It was then that the early notions of one day becoming a narrator himself began.


In the early years of teaching several students complimented Dan’s interpretive reads in class. He was given compliments about bringing the literature to life. More recently, when reading the classic novels Of Mice and Men and To Kill A Mockingbird, students have said he should be actor, with the highest praise coming when students have literally been brought to tears by the dramatic reading of Lennie’s tragic death at the hands of George.


What truly triggered the ambition to narrate was hearing Steve Marsters reading of The Dresden Files series, which he first encountered on satellite radio when Sirius/XM still had the book channel.  Since hearing Marsters, Dan began researching the audiobook narration industry.

Dan received formal voice over training through Edge Studio in New York City, via webinars, Skype, and in person sessions.  He has also attended workshops with Johnny Heller and Sean Pratt.  Currently, his voice over focus lies in audiobooks, documentaries, eLearning videos, and audio tours.  In particular, the audiobooks he narrates are in the following genres: science fiction, fantasy/LitRPG, thriller, horror, standard fiction, children’s stories, and nonfiction self-help and informational texts.

"Strive for Originality" - Dan Delgado


Accents: Various Southern, Australian, German, French, Russian

Languages: English

Vocal Range: Young Adult Male, Mature Male, Senior Male, Adult Female, Senior Female


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